Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sea Creatures and Ice Cream

The kids and were rocking out to tunes today, courtesy of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is a great web site to visit if your kids are curious about sea life. There are all sorts of live web cams you can visit with penguins, a living kelp forest and sharks, just to name a few. My kids love these, especially David who is now learning all about jellyfish. They have a CD you can buy, that has some cute songs about underwater life, including our household favorite "Sea Star". This reminded me about our "Cow Tunes" CD (Brent Holmes) that I had all but forgotten about. It has got many songs about ice cream and it reminds me of summer. I learned about that one via A Family Runs Through It blog. We now have the "Moosebeary Jam" one as well, which is very cute, but not quite as catchy as the former. Nothing beats songs about ice cream. Nothing, I say!! Which reminds me...our new home is located just down the street from a very popular ice cream shop. That's the real reason we bought it...

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