Tuesday, December 06, 2005

This Just In: Mom Not Cool!

Shocking, I know, but it was confirmed earlier this morning when the following conversation took place:

Playing with the kids in the living room, David was pretending to be a "rescue hero" and jumping and twirling about in hero fashion. I told him he was cool and he said "yeah, just like Daddy." Okay, I'll give him that. His dad is cool. Maybe not rescue hero cool, but certainly geek squad cool.

Upon hearing this, Sofia turned to me and emphatically placed her hand on her chest, saying, "Meeeeee!!!"

"Oh- are you cool too?" I asked.
"YAH!!" she cries.
"Just like Daddy?"
"YAH!!" even more excited now.
"Cool like Mommy?" I bat my eyes, waiting for her gleeful affirmation.

Silence fills the room like a recently poured Liquid Plumr foaming snake, quietly hissing and filling every crevice. (pardon the metaphor- I've been unclogging sinks)

"DA DA!!" She insists.
"And Mommy??" more desperately this time.

She just looks at me, almost sadly, hesitant to say anything. I can almost see the teenage Sofi rolling her eyes in exasperation. This toddler version of the girl is much kinder, though. She smiles a little, tilts her head to one side and says more quietly: "Da Da."

There you have it folks. Mom ain't cool. If an 18 month old can figure it out, anyone can.

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