Friday, September 02, 2005

Please Give

If you've watched even only a few minutes of news in the last couple days, no doubt you've been overwhelmed and horrified at the devastation Hurricane Katrina has brought to so many. I stayed up late watching coverage and couldn't get to sleep seeing the faces of all those people, especially the little kids. I can't even stand to watch movies where children are hurt, let alone real life pain and sickness. I know you'll all give whatever you can wherever you can and if you're at all like me, writing a little check doesn't make you feel a whole lot better. I needed to do something, even if it's a small gesture and by gathering up some supplies and sending off a care package I at least felt like I would be making some kind of difference in someone's life. My husband Ernesto has some links on his web page where you can donate to different charities and Open Book has an address where you can send care packages to the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Baton Rouge. The actual shipping address for packages is 1010 Nicholson Dr., Baton Rouge, LA 70802. They are in desperate need of clothing, shoes, bandages, toiletries, blankets, towels, children's Tylenol and diapers. I saw a woman at the grocery store today with about 10 mega packs of various size diapers in her cart. I'm guessing it's not because she has a dozen or so kids...

Anyway, I know you'll all do what you can. Keep praying that it gets better soon.

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