Monday, August 08, 2005

I Played Volleyball With Sportacus

Yes, I meant Sportacus, not Spartacus. David has a new super hero friend and his name is Sportacus 10. Just Sportacus to his friends. He's the spandex-wearing, water-guzzling, super fit, acrobatic protector of "Lazy Town". I'm not really sure yet what the relationship to Spartacus is, but I guess he's a gladiator of sorts and he's Icelandic. I originally thought he might be from Madrid. I guess I'm not good with accents...

I get to be Stephanie, who's like a young, innocent Sporty Spice, I guess. She likes to dance, sing and hang out with her friends. Her hair is pink, "kind of like yours, Mommy," David pointed out. Well, not anymore David. I only botched the dye job that one time.

We played indoor volleyball this morning. David jumps around doing twirls and kicks and all that stuff that only a young, limber child of 3 could manage. David was shouting for me to be more like Stephanie so I did some old aerobic moves from my mom's Jane Fonda tape days. David thought that was pretty cool. I hit a shot way over his head and it hit the wall behind him. He jumped up to block it and came smack down on the palms of his hands and his belly and was about to cry. You could see the look on his face as though he were thinking, "No, man! You're Sportacus! You do not cry when you take a fall during a match! You get up, shake it off and do your sporty moves!" His eyes get all big and he jumps up, strikes a pose and game on!!

Thank you, Sportacus, not only for your dazzling good looks, but for having inspired my son to keep moving, no matter what.

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