Monday, August 15, 2005

From "Awful" To "Hey, That's Not So Awful"

Here it is. A new home for mud and a place for our stuff. It looked even worse before Ernie mudded it. Nothing like big gaps between boards of drywall to send a warm welcome to visitors!
It's so close to being done. Ernie still has to create a frame around the outer door but there's going to be a lot of cutting, so it will be tricky. He may need some advice from our woodworking neighbor. I wanted to stain and polyurethane the floors, but E thinks that's going a bit overboard, since that floor is going to get severely beaten each winter. Maybe it's better to leave it as is. Then I won't feel compelled to clean it as much...

The kids are tickled with the new entry. It has been dubbed "the elevator" by David. He invites his invisible friends over and we all hang out there together. Good times. Good times.

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