Thursday, August 18, 2005

How Busy Beads Broke My Back

Okay, my back is not really broken. But last night I was sitting on the arm of the couch holding Sofia and somehow I slipped off and could not right myself in time (or without dropping Sofia to the floor) so I crash landed on top of the Busy Beads toy that was sitting on the floor next to the sofa. I have never done something so graceless and so stupid that caused me such incredible pain in a long time. It all happened so quickly. E thought I had landed on Sofia (because she was crying too) and rushed to our aid and when he saw me sobbing on the floor with Busy Beads shrapnel in my back and went with David to get some ice. I could hear them in the kitchen together, just like you'd imagine a couple of men looking for something in the kitchen would sound:

"Okay, David. We need some ice. Where would that be?"

"Ummm..." says David.

"Okay, David. We need a plastic bag for the ice. But I can't find any. So let's use this towel..."

(In my head: No! I just got that out of the dryer! The Ziplocs are in the cabinet under the sink! Arrghh! Ouch!!!)

"Umm...Let's mash up the ice with this frying pan..." So on and so forth. Twenty minutes later David is holding an ice pack on my back for me.

"All better, Mommy?" David smiles at me from over my shoulder. I'm thinking, no, not really.

"Yes, David. It is a little better..." I don't quite finish the sentence before David drops the ice pack, spilling a few chips down the back of my pants. He has done his job and is going to rescue some other clumsy mother.

E inspects the damage on my back. I complain I'll have a bruise on my arm, as well. Just in time for our friends' wedding this weekend.

"It will be nothing compared to the bruise on your back." Guess I'm not going with a backless number...

All kidding aside, I was grateful to have the two men in my life handy during my latest freak accident. This one still wasn't as bad as the time I slipped on the icy steps outside our Nashua apartment. I was feeling that for well over a week. At least only my family saw me fall this time...

I'm having a yard sale soon and these blasted beads are the first thing to go...

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