Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Very Strange Day

Here are a few weird things that happened to me today. Nothing too incredibly bizarre, but enough to make me wonder if I dreamt some of it:

When the kids went down for a nap I tried to sit out on the deck to relax and warm up in the sun after a long string of cool days. Every time I went to sit down the sun would shine for 15 seconds and then go behind a big white/grey cloud that was shaped like a walrus. This happened three times within a half hour period. I gave up and went inside.

Our neighbor's dog won't keep away from our house. He's here all the time now, watching us through the slider or the kitchen window. He followed these two women walking up the street today while I was out gardening with the kids and they were like, "Oh, is this your dog?" and I say "No, it's the neighbor's. He's very friendly. His name is Curtis." He cavorts with them up the street for a bit and then comes back down to our yard. The women look back down toward us as though they're wondering, "why would that woman lie about owning that dog??" As far as I know they walk the hill most every day and see him in front of our house all the time. I'm wondering if we are officially his new owners? We didn't pick him to be our dog, but he seems to have picked us to hang out with...

A while later I was in the living room and caught sight of some crows on the lawn. I hear them up in the trees on occasion, but rarely do they come down onto the yard. Suddenly swarms of them descend on the grass. Dozens of murders, making all kind of noise and I'm thinking, what is out there that they're after?? I slowly step out the slider, looking all around and they are everywhere. In the trees, flying over head, on the ground under one of the feeders. I am so close to freaking out. I've never seen anything like this. Ever. I'm about to run back inside and go upstairs and check on the kids and then all of a sudden they all fly away, into the trees around the furthest reaches of our property. But I can see they're just sitting there, watching me. I check to see what they were gathering around, and there's nothing at all there.

Yes, I know. These sound like the rantings of a woman who's spent too much time watching old Hitchcock flicks, but it's just been one of those days. And just in case these are signs of the end of days, I'm going to have me another piece of chocolate silk pie.

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