Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The kids are alright...sort of.

I've been taking note of some of the conversations heard around the house over the last week or so. The kids and I have spent entirely too much time in close quarters as Sofia has been sick and we are starting to make each other crazy. So when I am not parenting, teaching, playing nurse, cleaning, cuddling, coloring, organizing or generally trying to keep things together, I am taking notes so I may someday be a famous writer. Here are just a few quotes from the week...

"I'm pretending to be a teenager. (long pause) I have empty soda cans in my room."
"Oh, she spit up on your pants, too, mommy!"
(whining) "Why do we have to eat tacos EVERY night?"
"It's a poop fest!!"
"Why don't you ever let us watch a show...not for like, 100 days?"
"So, what are you, like 84 years old?"
"Just feed that baby so she stops crying!"
(crying) "My eyebrows hurt!"
"I'm only five but I have the skills of a seven year old."
"Oh, yes, brush your teeth. You have baby dragon breath."
"How come every time I come looking for you you're always in the office?"
"Stop that, David. Stop it. Stop that!! Mommy!!"
"Why do you keep sighing like that, mommy?"
I know what you're thinking. I've got a lot more to endure before I can become a famous writer.

Does this seem at all familiar?

If you have a few minutes and even if you don't...if you're a parent you'll appreciate this.

Friday, September 21, 2007

solve the mystery!

There have been some strange goings-on in and around the household as of late. See if you can find the answers...

mystery #1:
I could have sworn I saw the sugar bowl move on its own across the kitchen counter this morning. It was very unsettling, to say the least.

Was it (a) a wet spot on the counter, causing the bowl to slide on its own?
(b) a result of watching too many episodes of "Ghosthunters"?
(c) the hijinks of a poltergeist?

mystery #2:
Sofia voluntarily put herself down for a nap today.

Was it (a) she was feeling under the weather and needed to rest?
(b) that she decided to try and make my life a little easier today?
(c) she was possessed by a poltergeist?

mystery #3:
We came home from our trip to find a half-eaten cucumber on the hood of Ernesto's car.

Was it (a) some creature, such as a squirrel who stole the vegetable from our neighbor's garden and deposited it there after having its fill?
(b) that Ernesto occasionally likes to have a salad whilst sitting on his car?
(c) the poltergeist's silent plee for us to become vegetarians?

I do not have all the answers. But if in fact a poltergeist is responsible for all the things, I will no longer need to make excuses for my lackluster housekeeping. I will finally have someone to blame.

Here's hoping!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mountain folk

K and the kids
Originally uploaded by Ernesto and Kristen Burden.

We just returned from a lovely trip in the White Mountains and are enjoying the last couple days of our vacation. We only spent two days there, but it was plenty and we weren't bored for a minute. There is something to be said for traveling during the off-season. Rates are lower, there's little to no traffic and you don't have to wait in line for anything, which is especially wonderful when traveling with the wee screamers. The kids were awesome and only began to bicker when we were in the car headed home. It seems we left just in time, then.

Here are the kids and I posing on top of Cannon Mountain during our hike along the rim path. The calendar may say it's still summer, but the weather in the mountains is fall all the way.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Summer wrap up

It's been a busy couple weeks here. We're seeing how much fun we can fit into these last fleeting days of summer. We've celebrated several anniversaries; our wedding, my birthday and David's birthday, just in the last two weeks. Yesterday we had David's party and he had an absolute blast with friends and family. He slept very well after a day of outdoor play, food, cake and lots of humidity. The rain clouds have finally graced us with their presence and we are enjoying a good soaking here after 3+ weeks with nothing but sun. My plants and grass thank you.

Here is a pic from our most recent excursion to see the Fisher Cats, which is Manchester's minor league team. We got special "suite" tickets through work and enjoyed the winning game with a great view. The kids, however, were far more interested in the little room that came complete with a couch, mini fridge, free popcorn and tv which was airing a Red Sox game. Sofia especially enjoyed that and was content to lie on the couch and watch the game on tv rather than the one right outside the door in the stadium. Oh well. As you can see the mascot paid us a little visit, but David was too wrapped up in other things to be bothered. He clearly shares my love of costumed characters.

We also hit the Hopkinton State Fair and saw lots of cows, goats, pigs and fried dough. There was probably some fried cow, goat and pig in the mix as well there. We went through a lot of hand sanitizer.

We've got some vacation coming up here, so there are plenty of adventures yet to be had, I'm sure. Until then, I'm kicking back with some much needed coffee and maybe even some peanut butter and chocolate truffles- thanks, Mom!

Have a great week everyone!