Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Sick of being sick

I've been in a fog for the last week and a half. Without going into too great detail, I got incredibly sick with the "How to lose 20 pounds in 20 minutes" bug two Sundays ago, then Sofia caught the bug on Monday, David caught it on Tuesday, Ernesto had the flu the whole week and then caught the bug this past Sunday, but did not have as acute a case as I. Now David has an ear infection. Guess I shouldn't have mentioned in passing to someone recently that "David has never been sick with anything worse than a cold". Have I learned nothing in 31 years on this earth?

Well, I learned something this past week. I'm not good at taking care of sick kids. Perhaps that's why my kids aren't often sick. God knows I just don't handle it all that well. And it's not just that I hate seeing my children sick, which of course I do, but it's like I'd rather just be sick myself than have to wipe runny noses all day long and change diapers with indescribable contents. I've got chapped hands from washing them 50 times a day- a lame attempt to keep myself from contracting the next heinous virus.

But the kids are on the mend and the weekend is in sight, so I'm back to all the tasks that got put on hold while we were planted on the couch watching the Wiggles for the umpteenth time. Is it just me or is Anthony growing some serious sideburns? These are the things I find myself thinking about. I had a dream about Greg from the Wiggles recently, too. He wanted to be my boyfriend but I told him I couldn't date because I was married. He was really cool about it, but continued to stalk me for a while. I knew because of the way he stood out wearing that bright yellow shirt- it made it hard for him to hide. That wacky Greg.

But getting back to attachment parenting: I just wanted to post a link to this essay I came across while surfing tonight. This pretty much sums up my view of parenting, and in particular the co-sleeping issue. While the author Jennifer Cobrun believes that co-sleeping should be the norm and not the exception, she does point out that co-sleeping is not for everyone: "Heavy drinkers and drug addicts should avoid sleeping with their babies. Of course these folks should probably avoid parenthood altogether." Well put.

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