Thursday, January 20, 2005

Dr. James McKenna

Just wanted to put up a quick link to this website that highlights some of Dr. James McKenna's work on "The Natural Child Project". This man is pretty brilliant and lets just say that he's more than done his homework in the field of baby biology. He's a professor and anthropologist and supports the attachment style of parenting. He is quoted often in "Our Babies, Ourselves" which is a great book about how our culture dictates the way we parent, and sometimes at the expense of our children. Thankfully God gave us instincts to listen to when we get off track...

Oh, on a side note, I just read that pop psychologist Dr. Phil does not in fact advocate co-sleeping and believes that it creates co-dependency. Doesn't he also give advice to overweight people on weight loss? Hmmmm... just one more reason to support co-sleeping!!

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