Sunday, January 16, 2005

Checkers Anyone??

David was looking for a particular size Megablok the other day and was upset because he couldn't find all of them. If you don't know Megabloks, they're pretty much like Leggos, but for little hands. He was looking for the ones with only one knob and collected all the ones he could find in his playroom and I found a few more and he asked to go downstairs, so we did. I was feeding Sofia in the dining room while he played quietly on the floor in the living room and usually that can be a sign of danger and that he may be doing something he's not supposed to. This time however he came out to see me after a few minutes and said, "Come play checkers with me, Mommy!" I was a little puzzled because I know we don't have a checker board, but then I remembered one of his books has a picture of one so maybe that's where he got the idea. I told him we didn't have checkers, but that I'd play something else with him in a minute and then he ran back into the living room and from my seat I could see that he did indeed have a checker board. David had taken each of the single Megablok pieces and lined them up in rows on our living room rug. The rug is a muted pattern, but does have adjacent, differently colored squares on it, much like a checkerboard and he had made one right in the middle of the floor. I was really astounded that he was able to recreate that same pattern (well, not EXACTLY the same, but pretty darn close!) after having only seen one in a picture not more than a couple times. It just continually amazes me the things that David sees each day that I don't. It's a good reminder that at least once a day I should try to look at things the way he does. Maybe if I did I wouldn't miss so much...

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